Manual Pallet Jack Repair Service

We service pallet jack trucks of all sizes and load capacities including but not limited to the following makes:

Atlas, Big Joe, Bishamon, Blue Giant, Boman, BT, CAT, CFA, Clark, Crown, Dayton, Eagleman, ECOA, Hu-Lift, Hyster, Interthor, Intrupa, Jet, Junghenrich, King, Langsenkamp, Lift-Rite, LPM, Lo-Jo, Lo-Lift, Magnum, Mighty-Lift, Mobile, Monarch, Multiton, NobleLift, Nissan, Pallet Mule, Palletmaster, Power-Lift, Pramac, Presto, Prime Mover, Raymond, Rol-A-Lift, Rol-Lift, TallyHo, Toyota, Uline, Ultra, Valu-Jack, Vestil, Yale, Wesco and Wesley.

If you need help identifying your unit, try our Pallet Jack Hydraulic Pump Identification Chart for help.

Pallet Jack Replacement Parts

We pride ourselves in providing customers quick and dependable high quality repairs.  You'll always have peace of mind knowing your equipment is in good hands.

Pallet jack trucks are our expertise. We do repairs, service and stock parts for most pallet jacks, and carry rebuilt pallet jack units for most pallet jack trucks on the market. If your pallet jack truck is not working properly, servicing it may be the most pratical, least expensive solution.

We offer on-site service, free estimates, and even FREE loaner manual pallet jack trucks if your unit must be taken to our service center for repair. And to top it all off, we have the lowest hourly labor and FREE pickup and delivery for Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

Give us a call for an estimate or to schedule a pickup at 323.780.0737

Serving the Los Angeles, Orange County and Surrounding Cities.



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